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We will set up a free introductory zoom call with you. We will answer all of your questions and find out all the information we need to know about you (academic, athletic and financial evaluation). From this, we will create a personalized plan together and get the ball rolling!

Preparation and Athlete Marketing

With us, you have access to all of the best NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA and Junior Colleges across the country. Additionally, with over 100 million views across our channels, your athlete marketing will be exceptional. 

We will hit with you (if in the UK), film, and edit your video for the US coaches to see to create the best video out there. 

The next steps are to assist you with the educational requirements to get into a US University including your ACT or SAT exams. We offer access to a great tutor at an affordable price.

College Selection

Once you start to receive interest we will help you narrow down the best colleges for you whilst assisting with coach to player communication. 

Matching the player to the right college is often a difficult step to navigate – we make this easy. 

Admission and Immigration

Once you have chosen the university for you we will work through your college application, academic document, financial documents, grade conversion and all other admission requirements. 

Additionally, we support you through your F-1 visa application including your embassy appointment, I-20 form, SEVIS documents and all other supporting paperwork.

Extended Support

We offer constant on call help for players and parents to deal quickly with any queries you may have. For example, summer work visas is often a route people need help with. Neverthleless, we will be checking in with you regularly to make sure you are happy. 

We will be monitoring our players results and highlights and posting them to our 600,000 subscribers worldwide – the easiest global networking you’ll ever do!

Post-college Transition

It is common that post-graduation is the toughest part of most students journey and they often feel alone as they try to navigate the realities of today’s job market or transition to the professional tour. We understand this and this is why we make sure we are supporting you through this step too. 

With the best tennis network in the world, former ATP professionals, and career coaches with experience navigating the harsh job market we will help you get where you want to go. 

CV’s, cover letters, LinkedIn, job applications and interview preparation are areas we have expertise in outside of the tennis route. 

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We work closely with over 1000 US Universities ranging from Div 1 to Div 3 and our reputation in the tennis world gives us the ability to secure the best US College scholarships for our players, train and compete while getting an education at heavily subsidised fees or even for FREE…we are here to help!

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